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We will:

1. Prepare your listing to be submitted to the Multiple Listing Service, as well as other advertising tools.

2.  Bring information to all of Real Estate America, LLC realtors for their clients interested in your property.

3.  Hold an Open House, if requested, until property is SOLD.

4.  Prepare some type of advertising continuously during the term of the listing. This may be flyers, brochures, and The Real Estate Finder.

5.  Everyday we will do a listing match for realtors currently working with prospective buyers, giving them information about your home and encouraging a showing.

6.  We will communicate all results to you on a regular basis, giving you a report on all activity in your area.

7.  Your home will be placed on the internet with a photograph.

8.  A brochure box will be placed on property and checked regularly to maintain a full supply of flyers.

9.  A sign will be kept on your property at all times.

10. Present to you all purchase agreements made on your property.

11. Follow up on progress of loan application of any buyer.

12. Follow up on closing and title work to ensure smooth closing.


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